Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stolen Mini

So since moving to Auckland my blogging has been non existant. So here we go.. Went and checked the Stolen Girlfriends Show last night, super cool, you can see the pics here. After party was super fun also from what I can remember. Speaking of Stolen Girlfriends Club, they've just been flowed two of these mini's, check out the collaberation below, nice stuff fellas.



Anonymous said...

As an avid supporter of NZ fashion i was slightly unamused with the performance of the STGC show on wed. These boys are all about working the hype but somehow never manage to follow through. Shame they couldnt make a deal with mini on their own account, but had to shamelessley rip it of Lonely hearts. Nice one boys.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Stealing Pricks alright!

Go back to Sydney and spend a little more time with them Ksubi fellows. Maybe they can give ya boys a lesson in individuality and coming up with your own ideas and designs.

Cara Copywright.

Anonymous said...

haters. you make me laugh.