Monday, October 1, 2007

Interview 101

So here's an interview with Ruben who owns Good as Gold in Wellington. In case you didn't know, he's the man and he has been rocking it in NZ for a good while now. Enjoy the insight.
If you could have a job description, what would it be, tell us what you do?
I’m the buyer, seller, manager, handy man, dog walker, toilet scrubber, designer, friendly Boss guy who’s always working at GAG, or on GAG in someway… never not working.
What inspired you to birth good as gold?
Just traveling the globe, Surface 2 Air a rad shop in Paris, friends and family and just wanting to run shit my way to give the best shopping fun times around.
What is your take on the street wear, fashion culture of New Zealand at present?
Its kinda average on the street-wear front, I don’t see a lot of young people getting out there and getting stuck in, our cuzzies over in Aussie are killing it!! I’d like to see some younger NZ cats get off their lazy asses and do some dope shit! On the fashion front, we have some sick fashion labels that are killing it, like Cybele and Salasai but I still think we are lagging a lot, designers and renegades need to stop making excuses and start producing
Can you give us a sneak peak of any future plans?
Just getting better at what we do, more focus on bringing the best products and service around. I’m working on a web shop, but damn its taking a while, and maybe some big parties with dancing monkeys and blow up castles???
What do you usually have for breakfast?
A flat white or two usually ties me over till lunch, but if I had the choice id have Eggs benny / Florentine, (half ham, half spinach).
Are you single?
Na, I have a super fly girl Ashlee who helps a lot with the shop. I work too much and she’s gonna head butt me.
Whats your favourite music this week?
I’ve been listing to Ratatat re mixes a lot, Justice, some rad A-Trak mixes, I also love old school punk, crunk southern shit and just stuff that bumps.
If you could live anywhere but wellington, where would it be?
That’s a trick question!!!! The only place to be is Wellington!
But if I had to choose maybe Vancouver Canada, or with my homies in Copenhagen Denmark.
Any advice you would give to similar stores, seeing as a lot have begun lately.
Work real hard, and eat lots of fruit.
Favourite shoe of 2007?
Alife / Puma 1st round’s (fire!) and Keep, Benton’s
Thanks alot man
Thank you!!! GOOD AS GOLD

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