Monday, May 26, 2008

1am Magazine Launch Party ///// Thursday 22nd May ///// Powerstation

"Outrageous!!! a blue light disco but kind of better!!" /// Androgynous Anonymous
"I've been kicked out three times!!" /// Lily Roberts
"Your camera sucks!" /// 1am Photographer

Great. I've just started doing this and I'm about a week late posting these.
I have a thing with being late. I was 2 hours late to the 1am party, the free bar tab had been shutdown along with the coherence of many of the party goers left. Nighties, beer boxes on hip hop dancing heads, birds acting like tarts and vice versa.

Chanelle Kennedy
AKL Yall

Photo 11. Fix Up Look Sharp does not encourage the taking of photo's in seen (scene!) bathroom environment. It may or may not happen again.

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Sally said...

errrr chan thats glamorous? toilet shots are key.