Thursday, July 19, 2007

What the CRAP????

Ok, so my flatmate Liv (who i thought liked me) just got back from Hong Kong. She brought back a frickin huge load of clothes, shoes, cartoon toys, bags..etc. You would think that if your flatmate went to such a sweet city she would bring you back something cool. But apparently not. This was her present to me..

What!!! To inform you, beacuse im assuming your confused, these according to Liv are Jandal Socks. You wear them under your jandals and high heels, and the lace bit shows to the world. Its like a "G-thong" for your feet. Great, im so excited.
However, from the moment i put them on, i havent wanted to take them off. They come everywhere with me, and get worn with a number of shoe apparel, or even on there own. I predict that by the end of the year everyone will want a pair of Jandal Socks. So contact Livy to hook yourself up a pair, before every-one clicks on to the ultimate coolness of Jandal Socks. :)

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