Monday, November 19, 2007

Dan Gordon

(pic of Dan looking like a cowboy, don't judge him by it)

We just featured some of Dans work a couple of posts ago, heres a little more about what he is about.

Tell us the array of things you have a hand in and what you do?

Basically I'm a designer/creative director, whether its graphics for t-shirts, album covers, websites, magazines, entire marketing campaigns, or personal projects. I've worked on projects for musicians like Jean Grae, Strong Arm Steady, and Talib Kweli through the KDU in New York, people like Illicit Clothing and Frontline here in New Zealand.

Also, my personal projects that get turned into products are available under the Breed moniker, but to "members" only. Its an idea that has gained a lot of momentum over the last year and I'm really excited by that.

Where do you get inspiration from mainly?

I wish there was a place I could say was my main source of would make things a lot easier! Usually I try and vibe of a feeling or an attitude, I find that if I'm working on a project I can't connect with on that level, I'm always unhappy with the results. At the moment I'm really into warrior culture, and how and where it still exists today, you can find examples of the warrior mentality everywhere, corporate boardrooms to trade union halls, gangs in south Auckland to chess clubs in oxford. Thats the underlying theme of all Breed product at the moment, warrior culture.

What are you working on mainly at the moment and what are your future plans?

Right now I'm working with a client on a new Auckalnd based magazine which I can't name, I'm redeveloping the web strategy for Te Wananga O Aotearoa (The Maori University of New Zealand), and of course Breed.

How do you see New Zealand designers/labels making it in the
international arena?

Its hard for t-shirt or streetwear labels because there is a really fine line between creating something that has a kiwi flavor, and creating something that is basically a kiwi souvenir, but if you line can stand on its own two and you can hook up a good distributor you can have some great success.

For designers its easy, as long as you've got skills to back it up, you can hustle your way into some great opportunities. Thanks to Weta and Peter Jackson and Karen Walker and the like, kiwi's have a great reputation for creative excellence overseas now.

What are you loving in the New Zealand street wear scene at the mo?

I'll always support Lower, Jake is just a great guy. I really like Illicit, they've carved out their place and haven't compromised anything along the way.

Favourite place to eat out in Auckland?

Ken Yakitori at the bottom of Anzac Street.

What label do you think is being most innovative in their
marketing/publicity at present?

True innovation only really happens at the business model level. That is where the real risk is. Pretty much everything else is just a stunt to get more attention, however complex, so they can sell more of product (x) through to demographic (y) via outlet (z).

So some examples of innovative business models, although not my necessarily my favorite brands per se, would be Threadless, A Bathing Ape 5-10 years ago especailly, and SVSV.

Favourite magazine to mull over?

I pretty much only read the internets, or anything I'm in or have worked on...I have a giant ego.

(yeah and a big head physically/literally, compared to mine anyway)

Thanks Dan check this to see some of his stuff

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